Administrative Services

  • System Set-up
  • Application Training
  • EBT Processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Call Center (full scale or overflow)
  • Appointment coordination with customer and field staff
  • Collections Administration (call center, payment arrangements, notices)
  • Document Archiving and Maintenance
  • Interface Consulting


Olameter offers an industry-leading billing solution on an application service provider (ASP) basis. This comprehensive solution utilizes advanced processes and technology to provide single- or multi-service support for electric, gas, water, wastewater, and storm water services. Utilities can consolidate billing, use both bundled and unbundled rates, access interval meter and complex billing support, and track customer interaction with fully-integrated call, service, consumption, and credit histories.


Call Center Services

Olameter offers full Call Center Services, customized for each client. Employing Olameter’s industry experience and the knowledge of our dedicated Billing and Call Center Representatives, we ensure that calls are handled professionally and questions are answered efficiently. Full volume solutions are available, or you can employ Olameter to assist with overflow from your existing call center.

Call Center options include:

  • Billing and service order inquiry handling
  • Payment arrangements & scheduling
  • Service order appointment scheduling
  • Emergency call handling

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