Damage Investigation

In the event of damage to any underground facility, the quick and safe repair of the damaged facility and the restoration of its services is of utmost importance. The subsequent task is to determine who is responsible for the damage and associated repair costs. Olameter offers an unbiased, third-party service to investigate and determine the responsible damaging party.

There are three steps to a standard Olameter Damage Investigation:

Field Investigation: Olameter conducts a field investigation and produces a detailed report and summary of what occurred, including digital video and photographs, witness statements, one-call locate requests, and a collaborative assessment of fault and liability

Invoice: Olameter then produces a detailed invoice that is delivered to the responsible damaging party. This invoice is calculated and produced with the client’s input and repair cost structure

Recovery: Olameter will make a professional attempt to recover the outstanding damage invoice, and return the recovered capital cost to the client.

These services can be outsourced independently, or bundled into a completed Olameter turn-key process solution.


All our site services personnel are subject to ISO 9001 quality audits, ISO 14001 environmental management audits, and OHSAS 18001 health and safety audits. All company vehicles are equipped with GPS and monitored 24/7.


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