Radio Wave Leak Detection

Cable TV companies form a significant part of Olameter’s client base.  In addition to requiring traditional underground locating services, cable companies also have to monitor their network for any radio frequency (“RF”) leakage.   This can occur when the metallic sheath on a co-axial cable is damaged, or when connectors have been poorly installed.

When this occurs, the cable acts as a radio antenna, which interferes with local signals of over-the-air radio transmissions (including that of aircraft traffic), and causes loss of signal strength to downstream cable consumers.

Federal regulation in the US and Canada requires cable operators to detect RF leakage and effectuate repairs. Single leaks are not a major concern, however the cumulative effect of many such leaks over an entire system needs to monitored.

Olameter provides a cumulative leak index (“CLI”) detection service. This is done using either the client’s equipment or with our own truck-mounted detection systems.

Olameter equipment consists of an RF energy meter connected to a calibrated half-wave dipole antenna. We are capable of assisting in the data analysis and compilation for regulatory authorities, if requested (eg. FCC Form 30).


Our site services personnel are subject to ISO 9001 quality audits, ISO 14001 environmental management audits and OHSAS 18001 health and safety audits. All company vehicles are equipped with GPS and monitored 24/7.


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