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O-SDA Meter Data Web Presentment

O-SDA Smart Data Analyzer is a meter data web presentment product that Olameter developed to allow end-use commercial and industrial customers to view and analyze their own energy usage.  

Key benefits of O-SDA include:

  • Services managed by skilled professionals
  • Simplified processes to manage and execute
  • Promotion of conservation initiatives
  • branding via logo placement

Data can be downloaded from O-SDA in CSV format for further analysis in spreadsheets.  Real-time pricing (RTP) supports one-part and two-part rates.  If meter and communications links allow it, threshold alarms or on-demand reads are supported.  

Any interval data formats collected via MV-90xi 4.5 can be imported and the resulting data presented using this web portal.  The system displays information including:

  • Daily totals
  • Daily max/min
  • Load and power factors (if supporting data is available)
  • Aggregations of data

O-SDA is a secure application, using SSL along with login ID and passwords assigned per user. The graphic user interface (GUI) allows users of all skill levels to navigate easily. 


Interval Meter Data Collection

Olameter provides interval data collection to utility and end-use clients using the MV-90xi software system. Services relating to this function include:

  • Polling the meter via phone line, cellphone, IP connection
  • Importing data via a variety of supported formats
  • Validating, editing, and estimating data (VEE)
  • Exporting data in a variety of formats supported by Olameter's export framework, including custom formats created for our clients
  • Posting collected data to our web presentment platform O-SDA
  • Allowing subscribers to the service the ability to request and download data via Olameter OSOAPI web service, an XML based retrieval methodology

Settlements (Aggregation)

Olameter has developed proprietary software over the last decade of providing this service that aggregates account level interval and monthly read data, applying loss factors as appropriate. We provide the jurisdiction mandated output format for CAISO (OMAR) and MISO (XML) so our clients can submit data to the applicable ISO. We also have a suite of csv reports available. Reports are either trade day based, monthly based, or custom for the jurisdiction (as an example we have an EDI File Analysis report for the California market).


Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA)

Olameter is a certified MDMA with all 3 utilities in the California deregulated market. Olameter provides Texas Set 4.0 formatted data to ERCOT on behalf of multiple clients operating in the Texas deregulated market.


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Rusty Mc Cloud
Rusty McCloud
VP - Meter Data Management