TelDig Custom Solutions

You can count on TelDig’s experts to meet your requirements in custom software solution development. In our development team, projects are managed carefully, on a step-by-step basis, to ensure products are delivered on time, based on your budget.


TelDig Nexus

TelDig Nexus is all about controlling your costs and getting the job done in the field. It also centralizes and shares all infrastructure data with other systems, improving your claims settlement rate and vital decision making. It consists of a series of software modules providing users with the ability to access all parties involved, plan damage investigations, plan repairs (in case of damage), manage claims, work orders, and billing, and plan maintenance.


TelDig Damage Reporting Tool

TelDig Damage Reporting Tool is a custom Web application used to facilitate the management of damage caused to utility infrastructure.



The analysis process is a key part of software development. Whenever you submit a project, our team of experts meets up to propose you a tailored solution detailing your current situation, the description of change, your requirements, out of scope items, assumptions, the proposed solution, the timeline and work breakdown structure, and the estimated cost for the development of your project.

The time necessary to complete the whole process may vary depending on the size of the project you propose. At the very beginning, you can ask the agent who is in charge of your request about the current time frame.

The analysis is necessary because it validates the understanding of your requirements and provides a record of what is in and out of scope. The resulting document also serves as a blueprint for developers who will work on your project after approval.



TelDig develops your solutions based on the guidelines stated in the analysis document (proposal) created for you following any feature request. When an analysis document is approved, the TelDig team ensures your software solution is delivered on time based on a detailed work breakdown structure.

Project solutions are usually developed for utility companies, excavators, locators and damage call centers.


Technical Support

TelDig understands how vital a role it plays in preventing underground facilities from being damaged. From this end, TelDig provides its customers with 24/7 technical support services, 365 days a year. The company also offers a toll-free number, remote access and telediagnostics for all stations and servers, on-site support for unsolved problems, remote access maintenance, and software updates and upgrades as per different licenses.



Documentation is an indispensable source of information. TelDig is aware of the importance of providing its customers with complete up-to-date documents.
We often create procedures to ease both the installation and the use of our applications, and various training documentation is made available to help users get the most out of our software products.



TelDig develops multiple products that include the display of mapping or geolocation data in order to better identify dig locations. Mapping created by our Mapping Department can be integrated in other systems as well.


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