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TelDig OneCall solutions is a state-of-the-art suite of software tools that represent the very best our industry has to offer. More importantly, TelDig understands that each call center has to deal with laws, procedures, and processes that make them truly unique. We pride ourselves on tailoring our solutions to fit your environment.


TelDig OneCall.NET

TelDig OneCall.NET was developed to provide notification centers with a rock-solid platform that does not compromise on flexibility. With sub-parcel level precision, and the flexibility to accommodate everything from grids and wide area coverage, down to precise shape-file notification areas, TelDig OneCall.NET won't hold you back from achieving the precision you need.
With innovative features like our TelDig Contractor Bridge, large-volume contractors can submit locate requests directly from their own work management databases.


TelDig Web Portal

TelDig Web Portal brings virtually all of the features of OneCall.NET to the Web, allowing excavators' self-serve access to a host of features such as: ticket entry with virtual white-lining, ticket search, status and history. Member utilities have access to their mapping data as well as their ticket delivery instructions. Participating facility owners and locators can even upload locate manifests, photos and sketches.


TelDig OneCall App

TelDig OneCall App brings the power of One Call to your mobile device. Excavators can create locate requests using geolocation, satellite maps, and even virtually white-line their dig site right from their smartphone or tablet. In addition, they can attach photos or sketches to their request, and even see which facility owners were notified of their ticket.


TelDig OneCall Billing

TelDig OneCall Billing is a must-have billing solution. This companion software product enables users to manage call center members' accounts, generate and print invoices, view past due invoices and print statement of accounts.
Our Web Billing application goes a step further by reducing the need for printed or emailed invoices. Members can manage their account, view their balance, and download invoices, all through the online interface.


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