Electric, streetlight, and communications utilities still rely heavily on the quality of their wooden poles. It is required to test these poles periodically to maximize serviceability, while minimizing the risk of sudden failure. Poles also need to be audited periodically to ensure that current records are up-to-date and all parties are billed correctly for any attachments that may exist.

The pole testing that Olameter performs uses IML Resistograph technology, and is non-destructive. It can be used on poles set in concrete. Current pole testing methods used in the industry require boreholes that have to be filled, treated with chemicals and require some excavation at the base of the pole, which can negatively affect its service life especially if it has previously been treated with creosote. Resistograph testing, in addition to being non-destructive, also comes at a lower cost to the client.

The resulting data from the pole test provides an accurate assessment of the current condition of the pole, and the residual pole strength.

Olameter is able to test poles both above and below grade, without excavation, and provide real-time, accurate, and reproducible data for every test performed. Our field service representatives are trained to identify and record primary and secondary conductors, switches, transformers, communication lines, lightning arresters, insulators, and any other attributes as requested by the client.

While in the field, we are also able to:
  • record pole attributes, including attachments, pole ID, species, height, class, location
  • identify types of visible damage
  • test groundwire resistance
  • install and maintain pole identification tags
  • take pictures
  • collect GPS co-ordinates with sub-meter accuracy

The data is provided to our clients in a format that can be integrated into their mapping and GIS platforms, and independently audited.

For most clients, pole testing is integrated into a multi-year inspection program to minimize cost. We also offer our pole testing services on an ad-hoc basis.

All of our pole testing personnel are subject to ISO 9001 quality audits, ISO 14001 environmental management audits and OHSAS 18001 health and safety audits. All company vehicles are equipped with GPS and monitored 24/7.

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