Olameter is currently under contract, and has completed the deployment of mass advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or automated meter reading (AMR) for over 40 utilities – electric, gas, and water.

We hire, train, test, equip, and supervise the field personnel to conform to the highest standards. We also supply the vehicles and warehousing facilities as needed.

Olameter also has the capability to:

  • Supply Olameter’s O- WFMS workforce management system and integrate it with the utility’s customer information system (CIS)
  • Provide inbound/outbound call center services for appointment scheduling or customer inquiries
  • Provide warehousing and inventory management services
  • Implement a recycling program for used meters and devices
  • Integrate digital image capture for quality assurance programs and safety or theft detection initiatives, as required
  • Implement Olameter’s meter network management services
  • Supply or host meter data management and web presentment

Turnkey Solutions

Olameter also offers turnkey solutions for mass installations.

Depending on the scale and experience of your company, you might be interested in a turn-key approach to the provisioning of an AMR or AMI system. Olameter can provide some or all of the following as part of a turn-key solution tailored to your needs

  • Design: help select among the various metering, communications, meter data management and web presentment technologies available and assure their integration;
  • Procurement: work with your procurement department to organize requests for proposals and to prepare technical bid tabulations;
  • Installation: provide installation services on a fixed unit price or open-book basis,
  • Data Collection & Integration: supply the IT personnel, hosting environment, IT equipment and communications infrastructure on either an application service provider (“ASP”) or time and materials basis;
  • Meter Maintenance: provide long-term testing and maintenance services on a fixed unit price basis.

Our meter reading teams are subject to ISO 9001 quality audits, ISO 14001 environmental management audits, and OHSAS 18001 health and safety audits. All company vehicles are equipped with GPS and monitored 24/7.

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