Olameter’s clients range from large integrated utilities – often investor and government-owned – to much smaller pure distribution utilities, many owned by municipalities and cooperatives. We also provide staff and technical support to the system integrators and other contractors who service some of these utilities.

Olameter’s Objectives

Olameter’s objectives have always been to bring new technologies to bear to the problems associated with the local distribution side of utilities:

  • Poor communications choices – either too expensive, or partitioned by each equipment vendor’s proprietary signaling standards
  • Inaccurate maps and drawings – poor understanding of where things are and what is connected to what
  • Few addressable sensors and controls

The challenges faced by local distribution companies have not gotten any easier since our founding in 1998. Distributed energy resources (solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, battery storage, etc.) have complicated the topology of electric distribution utilities. Fiber-to-the-home and 5G deployments continue to increase congestion on already clogged rights-of-way. Meanwhile, assets continue to show their age leading to cracks, corrosion, and leaks – all of which need to be detected and repaired.

Our goal is to bring the advances in technology – Big Data, the Internet of Things and Machine Learning (AI) – to help our clients address these challenges.

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History of Olameter

Since its founding in 1998, Olameter has served over 300 utilities across North America and completed over 30 million smart-meter installations. Today, we have over 1,500 employees and provide services in 30 states and provinces. Much of our growth was organic, but we also grew through a number of strategic acquisitions:

  • 2001 Mississauga Meter Lab (EPCOR Technologies): meter calibration, meter reading
  • 2002 URB: meter reading, billing
  • 2008 MeterSmart (Hunt Power): C & I meter data management
  • 2010 AMS Utiliserv: meter reading
  • 2011 TelDig (sold to Pelican Corp. in 2018): 811 one-call center software
  • 2012 Unibar / DPG: meter reading, meter services, underground locating
  • 2020 Tribus Services: AMI meter installations and related services

These acquisitions allowed Olameter to build a strong and diverse management team committed to Olameter’s core values (health & safety, quality assurance, environmental stewardship, respect for privacy and accessibility).

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