Health & Safety

Ingrained in our core values, Olameter is vigilant and dedicated to maintaining the health and safety of our workforce. Safety is our highest priority and outranks any “get the job done” considerations.

Performing in-field utility services involves numerous hazards- untethered animals, unruly ratepayers, foul weather, unmaintained sites, bad roads, and inattentive drivers, to name a few. Safety is the highest priority in all that we do, and Olameter relies on a health and safety assessment system that conforms to OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. These standards ensure that all Olameter personnel, whether in the field or in the office:

  • Work in full compliance with local and national regulations
  • Work in full compliance with any additional requirements as specified by our utility clients
  • Are subject to a continuous improvement process based upon identifying and eliminating health and safety hazards before they lead to an incident
  • Operate within a framework where metrics for health and safety are set annually and outcomes are reviewed weekly
  • Have access to all documentation regarding past incidents or observations

Olameter adheres to federal and state provincial regulations as well as meeting industry best practices. Our employees are thoroughly trained in workforce safety and demonstrate safe work practices every day.

Our comprehensive safety program builds on decades of experience to effectively minimize the risk of job-related incidents. Key components of our comprehensive safety program include:

  • Unique web-based training and support
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly safety meeting materials to shape safe work skills
  • Project management training tools, safety tips, and inspection forms
  • Audits to hold project managers accountable
  • Exclusive performance measurement tools and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Rewards and recognition for safe behavior

Each employee is required to read and understand Olameter's "Workforce Safety Plan". Under this directive, employees must immediately report any dangerous conditions they encounter. Further, each individual is expected to take the initiative on health and safety issues and, acting alone or with others, report them and, if possible, redress them.

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