Meter Data Management 

Olameter delivers accurate, reliable Meter Data Management (MDM) services to clients across the US and Canada, through industry-leading software, custom-built platforms, and highly-skilled and experienced staff.

Meter Data Management Services

AMI Data Platform

Olameter's AMI Data Platform is a secure web application that stores, analyzes and reports essential information to help utilities in the management of their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems.

C&I Data Platform

Olameter provides C&I data collection to utilities and end-use clients using the MV-90xi system.

Meter Aggregation

Olameter provides aggregation services to utilities and Energy Service Providers (ESPs) in multiple regulatory environments across North America.

Web Presentation

Olameter's Meter Smart Data Analyzer is a meter data web presentment product that allows end-use commercial and industrial customers to view and analyze their own energy usage.

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