Mass Installations

Combined, Olameter and Tribus Services are currently under contract, or have completed, the mass deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or automated meter reading (AMR) systems for over 180 installation projects, totaling nearly 30 million electric, gas, and water AMI / AMR meter and module exchanges / retrofits.

Experience Unsurpassed Value with Olameter and Tribus

Since 1995, investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, and municipalities have relied on Tribus Services to provide turnkey solutions for mass meter installations. Now, as part of Olameter Corporation, Olameter and Tribus have deepened our utility field services' experience in order to provide our clients with unsurpassed value for their smart meter deployment projects. Safety is our highest priority and always comes first.

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Smart Meter Deployment

Create and carry out Smart Meter/Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) projects with confidence. Olameter offers safe, efficient, and timely smart meter deployment services that boost accuracy and customer satisfaction.

We hire, train, test, equip, and supervise our Field Personnel to conform to the highest standards. We also supply vehicles and warehousing facilities, as needed.


Additional Field Metering Services

Additional field metering services include:

  • Disconnects/re-connects
  • Meter maintenance
  • Customer notification
  • Meter changes
  • Pay-per-read solutions

Comprehensive Mass Deployment

Our mass deployment services include:

  • Project management and consulting
  • Smart meter installations, exchanges, and retrofits
  • Comprehensive quality assurance programs and safety or theft detection initiatives (as required)
  • Warehousing and inventory management solutions
  • Inbound / outbound call center services for appointment scheduling or customer inquiries
  • Support services for customers who choose to opt out
  • Recycling program for legacy meters and devices
  • Industry-leading tools and technology to optimize productivity and help you reach your performance goals, including our Workforce Management System (WFMS) with integration to utility's Customer Information System (CIS), meter network management services, and supplying or hosting meter data management and web presentment

Turnkey Solutions for Electric, Gas, and Water Utilities

Partner with us for end-to-end solutions or for just a little help along the way. Olameter offers turnkey solutions as well as project management and consulting services tailored to your precise meter installation needs.

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