Leak Detection

The impact of gas or water leaks can be dramatic, and not just in physical terms.  The reputational risk to the utility of an undetected leak is huge.

Detecting Leaks is Crucial

The systematic detection of leaks is crucial, not only for the maintenance of safe operations, but also for the maintenance of the public's confidence in their utilities.

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Gas Leak

Gas Leak Detection

Olameter provides a vast array of associated services, which include:

  • Walking and mobile leak surveys
  • Pinpointing and reporting of any found leaks and releases
  • Gas odor complaint response
  • Lines can be photographed and tagged with GIS co-ordinates for integration into the clients' mapping and asset tracking system

Olameter uses applicable state-of-the-art equipment that is certified, recognized and approved by our clients. We follow our clients' maintenance inspection schedules, and promptly complete and submit all required paperwork and documentation.

Olameter also performs cathodic protection readings, which is the analysis of the level of corrosion activity on the underground steel facilities of our natural gas clients.

All of Olameter's field staff have received instruction and testing with Operator Qualification (OQ'd) exams to effectively and safely perform these tasks.

Water Leak

Water Leak Protection

Water leaks are generally less dramatic but, over time, have the potential to be just as damaging to private and public property. Water leak detection is essentially a digitized acoustic process. Olameter provides two forms of leak detection service:

  • Installing digital microphones after a specific leak has been observed in order to detect its source
  • Performing a rolling deployment of sensors across an entire water distribution network in order to identify all leaks in an effort to optimize repair and upgrade strategies

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