About Olameter

Founded in 1998, Olameter is a leading provider of outsourced utility solutions in North America. We currently service over 250 clients that range from large investor and government-owned utilities to small co-ops and municipalities. Our clients include Centerpoint, Duke, Entergy, Hydro Quebec, and Union Gas. We also support many service providers to the industry, from large consultancies to local contractors. 

Olameter currently has over 2000 employees working in five divisions: Meter Services, Meter Data Management, Damage Prevention Services, TelDig Software Solutions, Utility IT Solutions and Utility Administrative Solutions.

Olameter is committed to provide customer service in a manner that respects the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity. Our goal is to provide information and communications in an accessible manner to our customers, on request.

Meter Services

Meter Services personnel handle all types of meters, whether they be electric, gas, or water. They service both commercial and residential sectors. Services include meter installation, meter disconnection, in-field collections, notice delivery, and data monitoring. 


Meter Data Management

Olameter is a certified Meter Data Management Agent in the California and Texas deregulated markets.


Damage Prevention Services

Our Damage Prevention Services division (Olameter DPG) provides a wide variety of damage prevention and asset-monitoring services for the electric, gas, water, sewer, telephone, and cable industries. Services include locate and asset mapping, damage claims management, pole testing, and leak detection. 


TelDig Software Solutions

TelDig is the cutting-edge provider of standard and bespoke software to the OneCall industry. Clients range from call-center operators and locate contractors to the utilities themselves.  


Utility IT Solutions

Olameter provides IT solutions for many utilities and contractors to utilities. Our development team can also create custom solutions tailored to specific needs. We provide workforce management tools and operational data store solutions.


Utility Administrative Solutions 

Back-Office personnel provide administrative services for many of our clients. These include network monitoring, data hosting, billing and call-center services, document fulfillment (print / stuff / mail) and consulting services.


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