AMI Meters

AMI Data Platform 

Olameter’s AMI Data Platform is a secure web application that stores, analyzes and reports essential information to help utilities in the management of their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems.

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C&I Data Screen.

C&I Data Platform 

Olameter provides C&I data collection to utilities and end-use clients using the MV-90xi system.

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Meter Aggregation

Olameter provides aggregation services to utilities and Energy Service Providers (ESPs) in multiple regulatory environments across North America.

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Report summary found on Olameter software.

Web Presentment

Olameter’s  Meter Smart Data Analyzer is a meter data web presentment product that allows end-use commercial and industrial customers to view and analyze their own energy usage.

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Advanced Features

These platforms can be operated on a stand-alone basis or it can be integrated with the following Olameter systems that support advanced features:

Internet of Things Platform

Olameter’s IoT Platform enables utilities to take back control of their distribution infrastructure from vendors and wireless carriers.

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Spatial Data Infrastructure

The Spatial Data Infrastructure is a platform that allows data files drawn from diverse sources and formats to be correlated geospatially and analyzed.

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Workforce Management System

Olameter’s Workforce Management System assigns work orders, then dispatches and tracks personnel. Taken in conjunction with the Spatial Data Infrastructure, it may also validate the collected materials, then store and correlate it with other sources of data.

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