Olameter provides web presentment capabilities to utilities and end-use clients using MDA. Services relating to this function include:

  • Tabular view of interval data
  • Charting of interval data
  • Summary reporting of the data
  • Downloading the data in a CSV format
  • When the meter allows and the client signs up for the service, request an On-Demand poll of the meter

Interval Meter Data Collection

Olameter provides interval data collection to utility and end-use clients using the MV-90xi software system. Services relating to this function include:

  • Polling the meter via phone line, cellphone, IP connection
  • Importing data via a variety of supported formats
  • Validating, editing and estimating data (VEE)
  • Exporting data in a variety of formats supported by Olameter’s export framework, including custom formats created for our clients
  • Posting collected data to our web presentment platform SDA

Allowing subscribers to access the service provides the ability to request and download data via Olameter OSOAPI web service, an XML-based retrieval methodology.