Man with face mask inspecting electric meter

Mass Installations

Olameter and Tribus Services are currently involved in or have completed the mass deployment of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or automated meter reading (AMR) systems for over 180 installation projects, totaling nearly 30 million electric, gas, and water meter and module exchanges / retrofits.

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Man outside adjusting meter with screwdriver.

Meter Maintenance

Olameter can supply the personnel needed to manage full site services programs for utilities of all types. We have in-field technicians that are qualified to perform a variety of ad-hoc meter-related work at customer premises.

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Man outdoors reading a electric meter.

Meter Reading

Since 1985, Olameter has provided safe, accurate, and high-quality meter reading services for electric, gas and water utilities.

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Utility Field Services

For in-field utility services, electric, gas, and water utilities choose Olameter to serve as the face of your utility.

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Project Management & Consulting

Olameter’s project management and consulting expertise covers everything from RFP to post-project support.

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