Olameter has over 20 years experience providing safe, accurate, and high-quality meter reading services for electric, gas and water utilities.

Olameter hires, trains, tests, equips and supervises the field personnel required for manual and automated meter reading in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Olameter also has the capability to:

  • Supply and program data capture devices, and integrate them into the clients’ billing systems
  • Analyze and continuously optimize routes
  • Document premise-related access issues and safety hazards
  • Document and field audit all anomalous meter readings that fall outside preset hi2lo2
  • Provide disconnection and collection services backed by inbound and outbound call center services
  • Integrate digital image and capture into client’s error detection and check read process
  • Customer service call center
  • Safety and quality assurance programs
  • Theft detection initiatives
  • Implement and support proprietary universal meter reading interface software